Greater than Ourselves.

Winning Mock Trial

If you’re reading this page, you care about mock trial. So do we. Every year, our goal is to win: to advance through regionals, through ORCS, to the National Championship, and to end our season among the best teams in the country. Winning is thrilling, and validating, but it’s also not something we pursue solely for its own sake. Rather, the pursuit of victory, at the highest levels, is the process by which we push ourselves to grow.

We want all of our students to leave our program prepared to be world-class advocates–whether or not they become lawyers. And so, we push ourselves to the greatest heights we can achieve, taking on the toughest competition available. 

Mentoring Our Members

AU Mock Trial is a coached program. Our coaches–past and present–all benefitted from mentors who prepared them for success. We want our team members to have that same experience. Each year, AUMT team members will have the opportunity to work closely with decorated AMTA alums and experienced attorneys. They teach our new members how to do mock trial, and our experienced members how to hone their craft. 

Competing with Integrity

Civility and professionalism are hugely important to us. Our favorite rounds are tough, but fair rounds against teams that challenge us, and with whom we’d like to hang out afterwards. After all, we may be facing off, in round, together, but we’re all part of the mock trial community.

Building Success

We’re not just a collection of individuals competing. We’re a team, a program, and a community. We owe our opportunities, and successes, to those who paved the way forward. And we want the people who follow us to reach even greater heights.